Roses Training Camps

We can plan Training sessions as a Laser Sailor sparring or Coach.
Upon a request we can speak about a budget for your needs.
It's worthy to train in Roses because:
  • We have a reliable conditions with North wind during winter and nice sea breeze about 6-8 month a year
  • We record our sessions (GoPro and Normal camera)
  • There is easy, cheap & Quality allocation. Close to the training base
  • It is really well connected by highway, airport and High-Speed Train until Figueres
  • There are plenty of amenities, GYM, BTT routes though one of the most beautiful National Par. It's easy to rent quality bikes.
  • We have GEN Roses Yacht Club support (little gym / Wi-fi / Buoys / ...)
Here is a Presentation document:

And here a bautiful video of this training base!!

Yours in sailing,
Jordi Capella

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